Where to find picks: Pistol-Picks


These are strange looking guitar picks for sure.
But you know what? They are awesome.

My hand was getting tired and cramped when I played and I really got fed up because my old guitar picks moved around in my fingers too much. Then, I found Pistol-Picks while roaming the vast halls of the 2020 NAMM music show in Anaheim. I’m glad I did.

The first thing you’ll notice is the pick has a handle on it. That makes it eye-catching but it’s an extremely functional way to keep the pick in the right position in your hand. They did something else that I thought was a really good idea. At the back of the pick is a raised flattened V-shape. You can use that V-shape to guide your fingers to hold the pick on the spot that sounds the best. You can do that without looking at the pick, purely by the feel of the pick.

The handle on the pick sits comfortably in my hand and the pick stays put even when my hand is relaxed.
The tip is always pointing at the strings exactly like I want it to.
Pulling back on the raised V-shape sets the handle in my hand, conforming the Pistol-Pick to the palm of my hand. That makes it very comfortable to hold.

If I’m strumming, I don’t even need to grip the pick part at all, I can just push the pick through the strings. The picks have a nice clear crisp sound when playing.
I prefer the Thick (1mm) pick when picking and the Thin (0.5mm) pick for strumming.
There’s a Medium (0.75mm) Pistol-Pick available too.

In a very short time, Pistol-Picks have become my go-to guitar pick.
I use them for pretty much everything.
I never thought I’d replace the old Fender Medium as my favorite but Pistol-Picks sounded better and they were so much more comfortable to use, especially for long sets.

You can get them in a 3-pack of assorted thicknesses or are available in 3-packs of all the same thickness.

They are a new company so they’re a little hard to find so here’s their website and places to buy the picks:


eBay: Assortment Thick Medium Thin
Walmart: Assortment Thick Medium Thin
Reverb: Assortment Thick Medium Thin
Wish: Assortment Thick Medium Thin

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